Vote for the item -July2016

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Everybody no exception (even us) loves discounts and on sale products.

So to make our customers happy all the time, we try to give them what they love with discount as much as 50%

The item will go on sale for the fist week (7 days) of the month.


What product you want to see on big sale in July?


    Keep tuning back until the poll is over, and check which item got most votes.

    After the poll is over, we'll give out a coupon code for the selected item to have it on sale once you add it to your cart.

    See you soon.

    Shop hard folks.

    Almost done April05,2016

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    For the past hundreds of days I've been working really hard for this website. Yes I know..! it's not really completed and it's not like I did the code of the site myself. But for you guys to whom ever doesn't know anything about creating/building and running a website, let me tell you it needs a lot of work and a lot and a lot of testing and trying things out.

    So right now I am really excited for the day when I say "ok! the site is good enough to be open for the world". it will be the big next thing 🙂

    I believe if you work really hard on something and believe in it, it will be something... something BIG. Just like this site and this whole idea.

    So I am really hoping for the best, today, tomorrow, and the future.